Tuesday, September 5, 2017


You ever play a round of golf with someone and say, "If I make this putt, I'll win the US Open!"
Or the proverbial backyard dream as a kid......"Strike three! We just won the World Series!"
Dreams are silly and fun. I don't know what got me to thinking about it today, but I sure had lots of dreams growing up. And in my twenties.
I had these silly dreams that if I trained hard enough, I could have joined the PGA Tour or the ATP Tour! It's comical right?
I figured if I practiced an hour a day a few days a week, in a few years I'd be ready to be a professional!
No chance! First off, I would have needed to treat it like a full time job. On top of that, I would have needed to put in more than eight hours a day. I would have needed to let it consume me. Make it my life.
No chance!
I would have either gotten bored or burnt out. Or go broke.
It's funny to look back at such naivete.
I was young and dumb.
I still dream when I play golf or tennis.
I dream of an ice cold beer waiting for me at the snack bar!

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Gone Fishing.......Soon

Im thinking about taking up fishing. Nothing serious, just thinking about buying a rod and a reel and a fishing license.
I hated going fishing with my father and uncle as a very young child in the 70's.
My mom's boyfriend in the 80's would take us fishing and I was bored out of my mind!
Now I'm older and I think I'd like the peace and quiet of the sport. Pack a lunch and my gear and go to the nearest body of water.
I'm thinking about it. I'll keep you posted.

Friday, August 25, 2017

I Got Stung By A Stingray

I went to Huntington Beach the other day. I was enjoying the day. Thought I'd go out and get some waves. Just do some swimming.
I was about waist high. There were other people out about a 100 yards further than I was in waist deep water.
I get some swimming in and then I felt a painful, burning sensation on my foot.
It felt horrible. I never felt so much pain in my life!
It's getting worse as I head to shore. Once I get there my foot is bleeding.
The pain increased. I thought I was gonna need to go to the ER!
I found a lifeguard and he said l needed to stick my foot in hot water. We got some hot water to dunk my foot in. Instant relief!
The lifeguard said I was the seventh person to get stung that day. He said more than likely I stepped on it and it stung me to defend itself. He said it could have been much worse. The barb could have gotten stuck in my foot. That requires surgery to remove it.
Or I could have been stung someplace else that would have really hurt.
I was just trying to be a waterman. During all my beach trips this has never happened.
Hope it doesn't happen again!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

It's Summer Once Again

I just got home from watching some great summer college league baseball.
Tonight I watched the Yuba City Bears take on the cross town rival Marysville Gold Sox.
The Twin City Rivalry. I was expecting a very large crowd. I got my tickets early.
I rushed through dinner to get to the ballpark on time. Walking up to the stadium it looked like the game was over.
The place wasn't jumping with excitement. No crowds milling about.
Get inside the park and the place was 3/4 empty!
What's going on here!?
It was the first day of a very long heat wave coming into northern California.
The heat alone couldn't keep people at home. I was kinda disappointed there wasn't a big crowd.
I've blogged about this summer league before two years ago. I spent the evening in the radio booth with the Gold Sox announcer Geoff Flynn. The Gold Sox were in the Horizon Air Summer League then. Now they play in the Great West League. Yuba City is an expansion team owned by baseball Hall of Famer Pat Gillick. He once had his hand in the Gold Sox and the Chico Heat.
Looking at the game program, I noticed the Gold Sox had players from big name schools, whereas Yuba City had a roster constructed with players from local junior colleges.
You could see a definite difference in experience between the two teams.
The Gold Sox were obviously the better team.
As I mentioned before, the last time I was at Colusa Casino Stadium I was in the radio booth chatting with Geoff Flynn, keeping score and scribbling notes for the blog. My attention was diverted.
One thing that stood out was when TJ Dove hit a double to deep center and the thought popped in my mind that the stadium outfield reminded me of Cashman Field in Las Vegas. Big outfield fences that really require someone with power to reach the fences.
Another thing that stood out was someone on Yuba City that was from the same hometown as me. His name was
Andrew Fuentes. He's a 6' 4" lefthanded pitcher who I think was hitting 90-92 miles per hour on his fastball. He only pitched an inning, but I was impressed. I'll have to keep my eye on him. Might be a diamond in the rough.
It was a great evening of baseball and I plan to return to Yuba City/Marysville to see some great baseball!

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Have You Ever Seen A Fat Skateboarder?

I've been on a workout kick lately. Running, bodybuilding, swimming.
Trying to beat the middle age spread.
As a teenager, I was skinny. No matter how much I ate, I couldn't gain weight.
Then I became an overweight 20-something. I mean I was FAT!!
In my 30's my body weight fluctuated a lot.
Then I hit my 40's. No matter how much I worked out or ran, I couldn't lose weight.
Then I started bodybuilding. The weight came off!
I would go lift weights during my lunch hour. There's an In-Shape behind my store. It's about a ten minute walk to the gym. That leaves me 40 minutes to workout. I got to thinking of faster ways to get to the gym so I could squeeze in a few extra minutes at the gym.
Then it git me. Skate to the gym.
So I bought a skateboard. I wasn't much of a skateboarder growing up. Probably won't be much of one now. But I plan to skate around the neighborhood.
Wish me luck!
(Sorry to be a stranger the last few months. Real life took control of my life. Things are back to normal.)

Monday, May 22, 2017

Don't You Forget About Me

Hi, it's been awhile. A very long while. Just checking in and letting you all know I'll be back blogging soon. A lot going on with me. Good things though!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Hand Out The Skirts And Tampons

The professional locker room is a private sanctuary for the professional athlete.
It's like a very private and exclusive club. Things go one that aren't intended for the public to know.
In every Major League Baseball clubhouse there is a sign that says, "What you see here, what you hear here, what you say here, what you do here, leave it here."
That was possible before the 24 hour news cycle, social media and smartphones.
Now EVERYTHING is under a microscope.
There are too many reporters with a nose for news. (My high school journalism teacher Mr. Ginsburg's term. A reporter always asks "who, what, when, where and why". Still remember that almost 30 years later!)
It was a tradition to have a few beers and talk about the game with teammates in the locker room. Now a days after a few athletes have been arrested for DUI, alcohol is banned in most locker rooms.
Back in the 50's, reporters didn't dare write about an athletes drinking. Mickey Mantle had several DUI incidents not reported by the New York press. Can you imagine that happening now?
We live in a world where no one can mind their own business.
This world has gotten too sensitive. Too politically correct.
Yesterday, Major League Baseball announced that rookie hazing will be banned. Hazing as in men dressing as women.
Today on my Facebook I posted a picture of men in a locker room taking part in rookie hazing. They were dressed as women like they were going to a night club. They're all laughing and smiling.
It's a tradition to have rookies dress ridiculous and walk around in a public place such as the hotel lobby or the airport. It's inclusion into a special club. A club that says, "You're in the big leagues now!"
But some people too smart for their own good say that it's demeaning to the athletes self confidence and demeaning to women. So stop it, you're hurting someone's feelings. (Insert whiny voice.)
There was a lengthy report about how it seems men make women inferior. That wearing pink in self ridicule will cause further damage to the athletes mind. May cause depression and PTSD.
I can guarantee you that ANY minor leaguer would gladly wear a woman's dress, cheerleader outfit or Hooter's girl outfit and wear it with pride! It would be a badge of honor. It would say, "I'm a big leaguer now!"
It's not insulting, it's not humiliating and no harm is intended. It's a joke. It gets a few laughs in MLB Network and ESPN. Hell, teams even tweet out the pictures!
But people who don't play sports, but know what's best for us have taken away another baseball tradition.
Start handing out skirts and tampons to newborn baby boys. They're going to need them to survive this world they will live in.